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Topic Info
Cost: $10.00
Registration Opens March 18th, 2024
Challenge Dates May 1st-August 23rd
Registration Closes May 15th, 2024
Gender Boys & Girls
Grades (Fall Enroll)
- 1st thru 3rd Grade 4K Shots
- 4th thru 5th Grade 6K Shots
- 6th thru 8th Grade 8K Shots
Rules Honesty/Integrity in count

8K Registration

  • Register for the FBC 10K Shot Challenge
  • Link activates on March 19, 2024


  • Click on link to go to the spreadsheet where parents can input shots each day/week.
  • Parents should also sign for weekly shot totals.

Shot Recording Spreadsheet

Click on link to record your shots. Each athlete will have their own TAB. Parents should ensure accuracty.

Check Out Each Shooter's Progress

The spreadsheet below is only a public viewing spreadsheet.
It allows everyone to view how each athlete is doing.
You cannot enter shots taken in the sheet below.
Link to record shots is immediately above.

Google Sheets

  • Immediate Adjusted Chart