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The Registration "Dribbling Challenge" is not currently available.


Explanation of Challenge

  • Athletes must register online for this challenge.
    • The link is in the left column.
  • Once registered I will add the player to the spreadsheet.
    • Each player will have their own tab at the bottom.
    • Be sure when adding minutes to the spreadsheet that you have selected your PERSONAL tab.
  • Specific instructions are on the first tab of the spreadsheet.
  • Athletes should use our static routines or our dribble crossover series for this challenge.
  • There are 60 days in the challenge for a total of 600 minutes of dribbling.
    • Athletes in grades 1-4 can drop down to 400 minutes to complete the challenge.
  • Parents should input dribbling each more than weekly.
  • Parents should ensure:
    • Accurate minutes ONLY dribbling
    • High Intensity
    • Slamming the ball
    • No breaks, rest periods, lulls in time, etc.
  • Registrants names and number of minutes will be published to the web and to the media.